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Louise's Story

Hi neighbors, my name is Allison (Louise is my middle name), and here's the short version of a long story...

I started Pasta Louise after moving back to Brooklyn from an 11 year stint in Oakland. I lost my sister, Lenore, to cancer, and my family and I moved back to NY to be closer to her daughters, Jasmine and Scarlet, and my parents.

I owned a mac + cheese restaurant back in Oakland, and sold it before moving to Brooklyn. I knew I wanted to open a restaurant out here... but my intention was never to open a restaurant in the middle of a pandemic. Pasta Louise was slated to open April 2020, until the world went upside down, COVID hit, and construction halted.

I then started selling pasta from my stoop because there were none on the shelves in grocery stores. Before I knew it, I had an email list a mile long and I was selling out in minutes. Turned out, besides wanting fresh pasta, people really wanted the sense of community during this dark, isolating time.

Pasta Louise finally opened in July 2020. It's a community restaurant where you can gather to eat fresh pasta, sip a glass of wine, hang out with friends, have some homemade soft serve. You can pick up a coffee on the way to work, and a pasta kit on your way home. Sit down with us at any of our outdoor tables... we even have fans and shelter from the rain!

We make everything from scratch... sauces, bread, desserts, and of course, pasta. We're not your typical Italian restaurant. Our food is bright and simple, a mix of Oakland and Brooklyn, just like our outdoor flower installation. 

You'll find kids with ice cream cones, family dinners, first dates, work events... we welcome everyone. We started out as a beacon of light to the community during the dark days of covid... and we plan to continue on that mission for the years to come. 

Giving Back to Brooklyn

Pasta Louise is not just about the pasta. We focus on ways we can give back to the community. One of our major initiatives is the Pasta Rose Scholarship. This scholarship will be awarded to high school students in Brooklyn who have lost a parent to cancer, helping them achieve their goals and pay for college. All of you can support the scholarship fund by looking out for monthly fundraising events at the restaurant, or by donating online.

Once covid cools down, we'll be delivering meals to people in hospice, and starting a mentoring program for local students.

The pretty lady in the picture is my grandmother, Louise, who taught me how to cook. I wish she was still around to see this, though she would be totally embarrassed to see my logo!

Our Team

We are currently 29 strong and growing! We are passionate about food, about service... about giving back to our community. We have a diverse staff who travel from all over NYC to work with us. We are woman-owned and our management team is 100% women and minorities. Say hi next time you come in!

Our Team